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Cedartown Polk County Humane Society: A Beacon of Hope for Canine Companions

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Nestled within the serene landscapes of Polk County, Georgia, lies the Cedartown Polk County Humane Society (CPCHS), an organization dedicated to the welfare of animals in need. At the forefront of this kindhearted operation is Charlotte Harrison, a passionate leader with a heart of gold.

Charlotte Harrison and one of her furry friends

CPCHS is home to a diverse array of animals in need, but it's the dogs that have spent an extended period in its care who truly deserve recognition. These resilient puppers have shown unwavering patience while awaiting their furever homes. Their stories highlight the shelter's dedication to finding loving homes for all.

The fence in front of the shelter

Meet Ellie, a delightful terrier mix who has called CPCHS home for over a year. Ellie is known for her easygoing and chill temperament. She enjoys leisurely walks and loves to explore, often pausing to savor the scents around her. Ellie is the perfect companion for those seeking a laid-back furry friend.

Ellie is a staff fave 🤩😍

Then there's Ranger, a high-energy Weimaraner mix with a heart full of love and an insatiable desire to run. Ranger thrives on physical activity and would make an ideal companion for an active family or an individual who loves the great outdoors. His zest for life and boundless enthusiasm are infectious.

Ranger is ready to go!

Lola is a Treeing Walker Hound who would make a fantastic family dog.

Lola is always a fun gal ! 🐶♥️

Butterfly is a playful lab mix who adores everyone.

Butterfly is the goodest girl 🥰

Peppermint, an affectionate American bulldog, is ready for your companionship.

Gigi is a loyal shepherd/chow mix and she would love to lie by your feet and watch movies with you.

Charlotte's dedication and CPCHS's commitment to animals have touched the lives of many. Their work extends beyond providing shelter and care; it's about creating a better future for both animals and the community they serve. By supporting CPCHS and making a difference in the lives of these remarkable dogs, you can visit their website at and make a donation today. Your contribution will help ensure that CPCHS can continue its vital work in providing a second chance at life for these loving dogs and many others in need.

Cedartown Polk County Humane is located at 3416 Rockmart Hwy. Cedartown, GA 30125

Adopt a cat
They have kitties, too! 😻

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